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Date:Friday August 13, 2004 6:26:07 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Clancy
Message:Margaret wrote:
 Clancy has about another five weeks until he's weened.
We go to visit him again tomorrow.

My wife and I visit every weekend, but I stop by durring the week because the breeder is right around the corner from where I work.

He's gettin big and We cant wait.

We bought him a big ole cage last weekend he's gonna love it.

Sweetpea is pretty young and was needing feeding three times a day so last week I took her to work with me so I could feed her.
Well she got the routine down it seems' because tonight when I walked in the house with her she heard the other birds and started callin.
Everyone returned eachothers call and all was good.

We really got lucky, Conner and sweetpea hit it off very well.
Conner preens her and has even taking to feeding her when ever we let him/her.

It's pretty scary but we have to let it happen for them to beable to live together.
I dont want to teach Conner "NO HANDS OFF" so I let it happen a little at a time (except for him feeding her) he's really good about letting me keep a hand or a finger or two between him and her.
It looks like there gonna be just fine.

Conner is turnning out to be an exceptional bird.
We train all the time and his recall abilty is gettin quite impressive.
I can call him to me from anywhere as long as he isnt to ingrossed in playin.

At four months old he is very calm bird .


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