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Date:Friday August 13, 2004 11:37:30 am MDT
Subject:Re: Margaret
Message:Oh Randy, you certainly do sound like you've been bitten by the "bird bug".  Be careful or you'll end up with a houseful just like me.  You don't realize what you've done until it's "too late".  LOL!  Really though, it would cost me $500 per day to board my animals if my husband and I were to take a vacation together.  That was something that never occurred to us until several years after we "buried" ourselves.  I love all my babies and can't think of rehoming any of them, but from here on out it is separate vacations for the two of us - until we can find someone we trust to properly care for everyone in our home while we are gone.

My husband loves those Quakers and if it were up to him, we'd have one here now.  They can be very good talkers and wonderful pets.

How much longer until your Eclectus comes home?

(I apologize for my "absence" on the board, but there has been a lot of family things going on.  Now my Dad is up from Tennessee visiting for a few weeks, so my time on here will continue to be sporadic throughout the rest of this month.)


Randy wrote:
> Were catchin ya.
> I would like to introduce "Sweetpea" our newest flock member (oh my
> lord help me) a baby quaker prolly around 4 - 5 weeks old.
> She's eating well and seems very alert or he, I bought her for my
> niece for her birthbay (my brother told me she's been wanting a
> bird)she's 13 but sweetpea was just a tad to young so I went back and
> bought her a bird that was a few weeks older.
> Well poor sweetpea needed a new home and the best home for h/she is
> here with us w00t.
>  Randy

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