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Date:Thursday August 12, 2004 8:26:03 pm MDT
Subject:Free bird?
Message:Hi! I'm trying to find someone with a home and heart big enough to take in a nanday conure. His name's Mr. Bird, and he's approximately 6 years old. A little background - my sister bought him from a pet shop about 4 years ago and had him without problem until this last October, when she had a baby. With the new addition, her and her husband lacked both the time and the patience necessary to deal with the bird anymore and he was extremely unhappy about it...he took up screaming whenever the baby was visible (we all know how loud they can be), biting at Brooke and Brandon, as well as plucking out most of his feathers. Fast forward a few months and I was just as tired of hearing about how awful he had become and how they'd resorted to squirting him with water whenever he made a sound as they were of the I figured the issue was with the owners rather than the bird and asked for him, more out of pity than out of really wanting a bird. He's doing a lot better in the months I've had him (most of his feathers have grown back in and he's super-affectionate), but I travel a lot and still feel he doesn't get the all of the attention and love he deserves. More about him - he doesn't really speak coherently, but you can definitely infer his mood by his tone and the types of noises he makes, like grumbling and mumbling almost under his breath when upset, making quiet talky noises when he's relaxed and happy or if you're talking with him, he loves to bob his head and whistle along to music, he mocks laughter, and when I share fresh fruits and veggies with him I've got him saying "Mmmm!" and we're working on "Thank you" (sounds kind of like a hiccup when he does it though :P), among other noises. I live alone with him and 3 cats and don't have a lot of company, so he's not used to a lot of people, but he tends to be affectionate with everyone once he gets over the initial shock of someone new being in the house. I don't know how he would react to being around other birds as he's been alone with people since his purchase and probably thinks he is one. I never shut his cage on him, allowing him free reign of the living room but he tends to stay on top of his cage and knows to go in when it gets dark.  If anyone is interested, please respond to this post or e-mail me, and here's a few recent pics I'm in the Columbia Gorge area of Washington state and am willing to travel within a few hours to meet potential owners. I want him to get the attention he deserves. Thanks!

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