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Date:Thursday August 12, 2004 11:07:33 am MDT
Subject:Re: possible new nanday owner
Message:Margaret wrote:
> I disagree that the dog is "doing something" to frighten the bird.
> These birds are prey birds and what that means is that they are here
> to be the food for other predators.  I would guess that Scott never
> saw a dog in his previous home, and if he did, it wasn't THAT dog
> (the Shi-Tzu).  It is completely natural and understandable that any
> prey animal is going to be frightened of anything that it is not
> familiar with - whether it is that "busy" looking lampshade, that red
> tool box that "Dad" carried through the house, or that strange furry
> little creature that barks and runs through the house.
> .....just my two cents.....
> Margaret Madison

Isn't this wonderful! We can all learn and grow from everyone's experience. My Nanday Screams whenever I put my hands on the Bissle sweeper. I do however think that pets- anykind- try to play with each other, and because they don't often know how to interact with other spiecies, a dog-to a bird... that it can provoke a behavior of screaming, but not always. My dogs are very well behaved when it comes to my bird, but she, Kiwi doesn't know how to react so she runs up my shoulder. And yes, I've allowed her to bite and have not thumped her on the beak. And if I did or do I don't do it hard because I know it would and could result in injury or death. And We want Kiwi to be with us for as many years as possible. She is a beautiful Nanday we adopted from a sanctuary in Seattle. We were told she was passed between 4 different owners, and sadly someone's Macaw ate two of her toes.
I wish you could see Kiwi. She's happy, comfortable, loves cuddling, and she's definately a mama's bird. She screams in everyone else's ears.
Kiwi also recently went on a 700 mile trip with us. She did ok. But she was super glad to be home.

She's even learned to love the cat, but from a distance. And I'm glad she opens her beak and spreads her wings in a defensive stance. (The cat was not my idea!) our son moved home with it in tow, but it is beautiful, smart and for the most part well behaved. And yes I agree that some of us or all of us do create the behavior problem our wonderful little birds finish.

Kiwi let me know just recently that the plastic lining in her cage was her's! Her nesting supply and because I was tearing a piece off I deserved the nasty bite she gave me and I didn't thump her beak, but I still told her NO BITE!

And I'm super excited because the first time since we've had her she crawled off my shoulder and decided to perch on my knee. When we first got her she wouldn't come off my shoulder without putting up such a fuss.
Anyway thought you would like to know Marj.


> Linda wrote:
> >
> > The only reason for the screaming is that your dog is doing something
> > to frighten Scotty and it's a habit that can be broken, but slowly.
> >
> > Janice wrote:
> > > sure Scotty had a good home, and I think that means
> > > our home. Thanks!!!

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