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Date:Wednesday August 11, 2004 2:34:12 am MDT
Subject:Re: Beak wiping.
Message:Ahh-HAH! Okay, that explains alot :) He does the head bobbing too, and it was also hanging from the cage bars rubbing his head on the perch, and **that** bell. Today, however, Cris and I (my other half) purchased a new cage (much bigger than the original) four new toys and a rope flexible perch. From what I read in Guide to Companion Parrot Behavior and the New Parrot Training Handbook, chewing is probably a big part of what he has been missing, so that was what I focused on when we went shopping. I am the one that interacts the most with him, and though the "step - up's" have been going 'okay' (I say that in quotation because its leaning to the NON-okay) for both me and Cris, he definately has decided I'm his favorite, and when it comes to my shoulder, boy.. even I cant get him off sometimes with out a good nip or two.. Or five... He'll usually come off of Cris's  shoulder easily, so I am thinking you're right about him bonding strictly to me at this point. I've tried to talk the other half into taking Joey with him in the shower, he LOVES that. He also loves hanging in the kitchen and usually Cris cooks, but its hard for me to want him in there durring that time because of the Teflon coated pans he usually uses for cooking. I am not sure what else to have Cris do with him inside the house. Joey and I are now able to go outside, but I'm becoming somewhat parinoid especailly after Margaret's story about her friends Conure.

 I took the advice of Lynda and made a trip to the Goodwill today also. I found a used copy in near-mint condition of Guide to a Well-Behaved Parrot for a whopping $2.99. :) Joey and I read the first chapter together, though for the first time he didnt mumble along with me reading out loud. Sure did *Poof* though. **grin**

oooh! One more thing.. Mimicking games and blinking games so far seem to be some of his favorites. We did the mimicking game for about 30 minutes tonight, He'd lift a wing, I'd lift an arm. He'd lift a foot, I'd lift a foot. I think he thought I was nuts. In the past two weeks.. From the first post I made and now... I am SURE I made the right choice in brining Joey here. We go on our first car-ride cageless tomorrow. :) Lots of grapes and a small bowl and water bottle are on the "bring-along" list. As well as what appears to be his favorite... Sunflower seeds... **non-salted, still shelled** :)

Anna and Boo wrote:

> I think Joey must be very bonded to you, and insecure with everyone
> else. You probably interact with him the most? There's no fast way to
> fix that, but you can get him to eventually become more accepting of
> others. Just have your friends and family spend more time with him.
> He'll be most comfortable with those he knows best. Try to get others
> involved with him when you are not around, let him develop new
> routines with other people. Ambient attention is good, just having
> Joey around on a playstand with other people nearby. It's great if
> the others occasionally say hi, or feed him a treat. You can also do
> a rescue scenario, where you put him somewhere unusual (where he
> doesn't feel quite safe) and walk off. Someone else can come "rescue"
> him and bring him to you. Always, make sure no one scares him, and be
> patient.
> Now for your other question - My macaw does the aggressive beak
> wiping, but it is very obvious. Maybe she's learned to exaggerate the
> behavior for us dumb humans, I don't know. She bends down, raises the
> feathers on her back and neck, and rubs her beak on the perch, all
> the while keeping aggressive eye contact with whomever she is
> threatening. Alternatively, she walks along the perch dragging the
> tip of her beak on it until she gets to the end, and then bites the
> end, giving you a look like "Yeah, I wish that was your finger." LOL
> I haven't really seen my nandays do the beak-wiping as a threat. A
> threat is in the way they stand, the way they look, their feathers,
> their posture. This beak wiping seems to be more like an "irritated,
> here now, moving on to another activity" or "I'm all done with the
> food and need to wipe the goo off". Of course that may be something
> of a learned behavior, in which case your boy and my guys may be
> doing the same thing for very different reasons? Oh, and one of my
> rescues used to do this pathetic pose, hanging on the cage bars and
> madly rubbing his beak over a horizontal bar. In his case it was a
> weird, aberrant thing that he did only because he was a neglected
> bird with no toys for several years.

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