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Date:Tuesday August 10, 2004 1:25:01 am MDT
Subject:Beak wiping.
Message:Reading the flock leader post reminded me of something I read recently. Beak wiping is considered an agressive trait, and i have seen Joey do this frequently, especailly right after putting him in his cage, or on his Gym. He'll do it occaisonally after "poofing" too.  (Poofing, I mean when he fluffs out all his feathers) When I am watching him in the cage and talking with him. I am not sure how to take this, does it mean he's telling me off? *shrug* Or is he telling me "this is my cage, not yours"? or something else? Something I noticed, though I am unsure if its related, he usually does this with just me, and when I have him and hand him off to my other half or to someone else, he wants to go back to me immediately. What does it mean?? *boggle*

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