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Date:Monday August 9, 2004 10:21:20 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Need help with my nanday's,please look!!!
Message:I have a very nervous cockatoo who plucks. When I take her out I keep her covered so she can't see out. The dark seems to help keep her calm.
You should probably start getting them used to the carrier and take them out for test rides in the car.

Also make sure you talk to the airlines about the carrier you use, what papers you will need, about going through security.  You might have to take the birds for a vet check to get a health certificate.

Nick wrote:
> O.K. i'll check up on that stuff.  You don't think that one of them
> could die from fright though do you.  They get nervous off the
> littlest things.  I just don't want to transport them, and then once
> we've landed see that one of them has died of fright while on the
> plane.  Also, is it bad for their ears or anything like that to be
> flying?

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