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Date:Monday August 9, 2004 7:42:52 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Joey's favorite-books
Message:A good place to get bird books cheap is . Look for used ones. Also check your local used book stores and Goodwill. Most of the bird books I find in used book stores are like new, practically unread.

My favorite parrot book authors are Mattie Sue Athens, Sally Blanchard and Matthew M Vreinds.

Christina wrote:
> Well I want to thank Anna & Boo and Margaret for all your help! I went
> out after reading your replies and looked for a vest that was bright
> coloured (no luck yet, me and vests sometimes dont see eye to eye due
> to a shoulder problem I have), and  I went to Powell's books and
> purchassed two books on parrots.  The first, was Guide to Companion
> Parrot Behavior, and the other is the Parrot Trianing Handbook, by
> Jennifer Hubbard.  Not that I intend to have Joey jumping through
> hoops, but from what I gathered at the book store, it did discuss
> some behavioral antics and some bird Psychology. I have read the
> parrot training handbook from cover to cover already, (its fairly
> small ranking in at 127 pages, and the last part is all tricks). I
> looked for the Guide to a Well Behaved Parrot, also from the same
> author as Guide to Companion Parrot Behavior, Mattie sue Athan, but
> the list price for that book was 39.99.  I will get it in due time,
> especially after thumbing through it in the store. Its got everything
> in one, thats for sure.  
> Joey has adjusted soooo well here so quickly it amazes me.  He's
> already begun to learn some new phrases, I had him mumbling along
> with me to "pretty boy" and "oh my goodness!" Course.. the "oh my
> goodness!" Is for, potty training, and I have been goofing up and
> using it for his praise. That has some kinks I need to work on ;)
> Thank god he hasnt learned how to "do the duty" on command yet, or
> I'd be changing shirts every 30 minutes. **grins**
> He has that bell in his cage still and I have read its advisable to
> change out and rotate toys from their cages somewhat frequently, and
> I have taken the bell out of his cage, but found it returned the next
> morning. My other half said, "he didnt sleep all night looking for
> that bell." He holds onto the side of it and the cage and sleeps
> kinda.. hanging there.
> I am really really happy we have come as far as we have in a short
> period of time.  Joey will try his first bite of Broccoli today.
> **chuckle**
> Hope he likes it at least as much as I do. Course, Im more into
> Cooked broccoli..... or raw with ranch dressing... mmmmm..

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