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Date:Monday August 9, 2004 5:07:27 pm MDT
Subject:Joey's favorite
Message:Well I want to thank Anna & Boo and Margaret for all your help! I went out after reading your replies and looked for a vest that was bright coloured (no luck yet, me and vests sometimes dont see eye to eye due to a shoulder problem I have), and  I went to Powell's books and purchassed two books on parrots.  The first, was Guide to Companion Parrot Behavior, and the other is the Parrot Trianing Handbook, by Jennifer Hubbard.  Not that I intend to have Joey jumping through hoops, but from what I gathered at the book store, it did discuss some behavioral antics and some bird Psychology. I have read the parrot training handbook from cover to cover already, (its fairly small ranking in at 127 pages, and the last part is all tricks). I looked for the Guide to a Well Behaved Parrot, also from the same author as Guide to Companion Parrot Behavior, Mattie sue Athan, but the list price for that book was 39.99.  I will get it in due time, especially after thumbing through it in the store. Its got everything in one, thats for sure.  

Joey has adjusted soooo well here so quickly it amazes me.  He's already begun to learn some new phrases, I had him mumbling along with me to "pretty boy" and "oh my goodness!" Course.. the "oh my goodness!" Is for, potty training, and I have been goofing up and using it for his praise. That has some kinks I need to work on ;) Thank god he hasnt learned how to "do the duty" on command yet, or I'd be changing shirts every 30 minutes. **grins**

He has that bell in his cage still and I have read its advisable to change out and rotate toys from their cages somewhat frequently, and I have taken the bell out of his cage, but found it returned the next morning. My other half said, "he didnt sleep all night looking for that bell." He holds onto the side of it and the cage and sleeps kinda.. hanging there.

I am really really happy we have come as far as we have in a short period of time.  Joey will try his first bite of Broccoli today.  **chuckle**
Hope he likes it at least as much as I do. Course, Im more into Cooked broccoli..... or raw with ranch dressing... mmmmm..

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