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Date:Monday August 2, 2004 7:08:16 pm MDT
Subject:Re: possible new nanday owner
Message:I disagree that the dog is "doing something" to frighten the bird.  These birds are prey birds and what that means is that they are here to be the food for other predators.  I would guess that Scott never saw a dog in his previous home, and if he did, it wasn't THAT dog (the Shi-Tzu).  It is completely natural and understandable that any prey animal is going to be frightened of anything that it is not familiar with - whether it is that "busy" looking lampshade, that red tool box that "Dad" carried through the house, or that strange furry little creature that barks and runs through the house.

.....just my two cents.....

Margaret Madison

Linda wrote:
> The only reason for the screaming is that your dog is doing something
> to frighten Scotty and it's a habit that can be broken, but slowly.
> Janice wrote:
> > sure Scotty had a good home, and I think that means
> > our home. Thanks!!!

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