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Date:Sunday August 1, 2004 3:12:33 pm MDT
Subject:Re: possible new nanday owner
Message:Hi Janice: Taking the parakeets is unnecessary unless your uncle doesn't want them. The next question you should be asking is who would make the best owner for Scotty? If it's you keep in mind that you should not be gone all day. These birds love company. The dog- The only reason for the screaming is that your dog is doing something to frighten Scotty and it's a habit that can be broken, but slowly. The other question you should ask is is whoever I give Scotty to going to be done with him a month or two? You need an owner who is committed to caring for Scotty and who loves him and works to meet his many needs. Scotty at this time needs lots of T.L.C. he's aware that something has happened, and that he's not wanted in your uncle's home.
good luck: Let me know what you decide to do for this wonderful little bird.

Janice wrote:
> Hi! My Aunt Maggie recently died leaving behind her beloved Nanday,
> Scotty. My Uncle has him now but has made it very clear that he wants
> him to leave. They also have two parakeets whose cages are next to
> Scotty. Maggie was the second mommy to Scotty ( for the last 7
> years). He originally was bought in Florida for my nephew when he was
> young boy.
> My question is, do you think Scotty would be ok if I took him to yet
> another home? I also have a Shih-Tzu that Scotty screams at everytime
> he sees him. Would I have to take the parakeets for company as well? I
> have absolutely zero experience with indoor birds. I promised my Aunt
> that I would make sure Scotty had a good home, and I think that means
> our home. Thanks!!!

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