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Date:Sunday August 1, 2004 10:41:25 am MDT
Subject:Re: First Parrot... Some help please!!
Message:Beaker wrote:

Beaker: I've owned a cockateil for seven years, and I currently own a Nanday Conure, and my neighbor has owned a Green Cheeks Conure for 5 so at least listen. It's normal behavior for a bird to be like a one person dog, however the problem you are having is that your new bird doesn't really know or understand his limits and boundaries. You must set them. Your bird needs to be corrected when he goes to bite, and everyone in your family needs to participate who's going to handle him. You in this instant are the teacher.
Once your bird opens his beak to bite or bits put him on your hand where he is steady on his feet and say firmly, NO BITE! and then take 2 fingers on the same hand and give him a light thump on the beak, and if he continues put him in his cage and do not give him any attention for an hour or two. He will learn quickly the meaning of no bite. The other problem he has is no adjustment. He should not be kept strictly in your room. He needs to know that your home is his home. When you pop popcorn your family needs to invite him to have a few beak fulls- this includes standing on the edge of the bowl.
Your family needs to reach out to him and when your gone open his cage and speak softly: Tell him, "Come on out, come visit." They need to converse with him like he's a member of your family. It's also a good idea for him to be taken into the bathroom to be worked with by members of your family- one on one, especisally if he's nervous. Remember he's just lost his long time home and he's scared, nervous, and he's looking for someone safe, and searching for a home because he is still uncomfortabel. Biting is a sign that they need.
And if your family is unwilling to help you you will need to find a bird sitter when your gone or a petstore that offers this service.

He sounds like a royal character. Lots of love, cuddle time, a few treats, and lots of play time with your family will stop his biting for the most part.

Oh yes, I almost forgot: If you are cuddling and petting your bird and you stop and he wants more, he'll bite to tell you he wants more cuddles, and petting.
Don't worry about him being a one man bird. At least your stuff is guarded by a watchful parrot. He loves you and feels safe with you.

> Hello everyone. I recently just got a nanday conure. I work at a
> petstore and a man brought in his 7 year old conure that he could no
> longer care for. He is very sweet but he has some behavioral issues
> that i want to address right away. The first one is that he really
> likes me. He lives in my room and i spend most of the time with him
> and he bites the rest of my family when i am around, and wants only
> to be with me. I want him to accept them so that if i ever go away
> for a couple days that they can care for him but they are all
> starting to dislike him very quickly as he bites them like crazy. I
> am not saying that he has to love them equally but he has to at least
> let them hold him and allow me to hand him to them without drawing
> blood. How do you dicipline biting to teach him that biting is wrong.
> Another problem I have is that he is very possessive. When he is
> eating or playing with a toy, if you try to pick him up he gets very
> upset and once again bites. A final thing is he doesn't seem to play
> with toys. He is scared of everything. If I try to give him something
> to play with he immediately runs or flies away. He is just a big
> cuddler and would rather ride up on my shoulder nestled in my hair.
> Is it ok that he is on my shoulder? Most of the time he is good at
> getting off when I want him to. I know that this is a lot of
> questions but I want to get this all right at the beginning so I have
> a well behaved parrot at the end.  
> Thanks
> Beaker

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