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Date:Wednesday July 14, 2004 7:04:40 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Moving-HELP!!!
Message:Kayce wrote:
> > I am moving from WA to IL in a few weeks and have heard that parrots
> > don't travel well. I also know that the place I am moving to is a
> > VERY small house (with ZERO extra room for a huge cage) and also that
> > it will only be temporary.
> > I honestly don't know how much more I will be moving.

Hi Kayce: Don't let the move bother you. As long as you let your bird out, if he's use to it he'll travel well sitting on your shoulder, but be sure to pack the travel cage so when he gets tired put him to bed.  But as stated before if you really are worried about no room, or time for your bird find a suitable owner. Don't just give him away to anyone. The darling little bird I have I adopted from a sanctuary. Although treated well there Kiwi was, reported to me that she was passed to four different homes, and someone's Macaw bit 2 of her toes off. She's very sweet. And she has arrived at her last home. We use to own a Gray Cockateil, we had him for seven years and in a freak accident when he played a game got outside and flew away. Kiwi would rather sit in one place, and be near somebody.
So make sure people who want to adopt your bird have good sound refrences. Other than that keep your wonderful pet.

> Hello Mat,
> I am a little late getting a message to you, but I can tell you that
> I have moved A LOT with my birds and they always do fine. If you have
> a good travel cage with food and water, take them out ever once in a
> while to let them know that you are still there, (I put my birds up
> front and we all sing together LOL). If you don't think you will have
> room and don't want to put the effort into it, then find someone to
> take him..I'm looking for a Nanday for my husband. =)
> Seriously though, if you don't want to give him up, as long as you
> will work with him and reassure him that you are there, it should
> work. You might want to try taking him for short rides and see how he
> does. Please let me know how things go.
> Kayce

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