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Date:Wednesday July 14, 2004 12:36:52 pm MDT
Subject:Re: parrent fed nanday
Message:Oh, you will be off to a good start then if you have your bird's flight feathers trimmed.  Your local avian vet can do this and if you don't know of one, you might find one here .  Right away that flight feather trim will help you control where your bird can spend his time and when he needs to go back into his cage.  This helps establish you as the "flock leader" or "boss".  Remember a good boss isn't a tyrant, but a gentle, understanding, loving and kind leader.  <smile>  Your relationship with your bird should be one of parent or teacher (a position of authority) and not as an "equal", a sibling or a mate.  When a bird thinks he doesn't "have" to listen to you, or that he is the boss, that is when you can run into long term problems with your pet parrot.  

Does your bird have a favorite treat?  Look to see what he eats first out of his food bowl.  Does he hound you everytime you are eating a certain thing?  Please make sure you never share anything like "junk" food, high fat, high sugar, salty foods with your bird.  No alcohol or caffeine, no chocolate, no avocado.  But you can offer him a piece of multi-grain bread, or maybe 1/2 a cherry without the pit, a piece of apple - whatever your bird really likes.  With my South American parrots this seems to be Brownberry 12-grain bread and dried papaya pieces.  Using those items will send them scrambling for their food bowls inside their cages.  You will just have to figure out what does it for your bird.

I hope some of this "parrot psychology" helps.  You might do well to buy a book on that.  I have several books including Sally Blanchard's "Companion Parrot Handbook", Julie Rach's book called "Why Does My Parrot Do That?" and Mattie Sue Athan's "Guide To Companion Parrot Behavior".  Those are all helpful books and make it hard for me to pick a favorite.

Good luck with your new baby.

Margaret Madison
(see my parrots here - )

yogureta wrote:
> I have troubles with letting him out of his cage.  He wont go back by himself.

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