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Date:Monday March 3, 2003 3:23:59 pm MST
Subject:Re: Bandit
Message:LoL I think it is a popular name too. I know there are other Bandits on email lists, and not just nandays! I know a redmask named Bandit, and there are others.

I want to check out the other nanday pages for sure. I used to have a website up about all my birds and other critters, before I got nandays, and when i got it all done after working on it for months, I lost it. They went from free to charging and I didn't have the money to keep it updated at the time. Oh well, I want my own site again now, and It'll mainly be a nanday one lol, so i will add it when I make it... someday..

Nanday wrote:
> I guess Bandit is a popular name for Nandays.
> I've been compiling a list of the home pages for over a hundred
> Nanday Conures, and three of 'em are named Bandit (including
> the one mentioned in the previous message).
> If anyone reading this knows of any other Nandays on the Internet,
> please go to and click on the
> link near the bottom to get 'em added to the list!
> Indica wrote:
> > Hi John, no that isn't our Bandit, but I am glad you posted that site
> > lol! I have been looking for it because I too remember seeing that
> > site before I got my Bandit.

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