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Date:Friday July 2, 2004 9:55:50 pm MDT
Subject:going for a dozen?!
Message:I purchased Duncan three and a half years ago from a pet shop who was selling
this bird for a previous customer of his, whose son apparently terrorized the bird, at least that was what he said... probably was because of the shrieking!
In any case, I had reason to believe Duncan was a female this past year, and just a week ago, that was a definite! She was acting strange and the next morning, as I uncovered Duncan... SHE had laid an egg. Someone said that she needs to sit on them for a few weeks, and then will give up when they don't hatch. Problem is, she doesn't seem to care much about the egg, which now numbers FIVE of them... is she going to stop? Will this cause harm? She does have some bleeding after passing them, but otherwise, she is her usual self... healthy and active, and still shrieking! Any words of wisdom or insight as to what is going on? Duncan, by the way is a Nanday Conure!

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