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Date:Friday July 2, 2004 5:42:03 pm MDT
Subject:Re: My New Gizzy Bird - Cute Story
Message:I dont know much about pet parrots really but Conner Loves to sleep with us  he gets uder the covers and gets all warm and toasty against my chest and he's out for the nite if we let him.

I think Gizzy is gonna be nappin with you even more and more.

Which brings one of my questions to mind,

Is there such a thing as letin your bird out to much ?

What I mean is when we get home from work one of the first things we do is let Conner out of his cage.

We dont put him back in his cage until we go to bed wich is late most of the time.
He sleeps on my shoulder which dont seem to bother him.
Infact if I put him in his cage while we are up he isnt to happy.
If I let him out he's a happy campper sleepin on my wife or I .

He's spoiled rotten with out a doubt but we wouldnt have it any other way.
He will even sleep through a trip to the kitchen for a drink and wont miss a beat.


Margaret1 wrote:
> Well this evening will complete my first week with my new Nanday who
> is a few years old.  This bird, I've found loves her cage and unless
> she is on my shoulder, she really likes being in or on her cage.  In
> fact, if I pass her cage when she is on me, she attempts to get back
> to it and unless I pass it quickly enough, she will make it back to
> her cage.  I like to get her out and about, so I'll take her to the
> screened in back porch and into different rooms of the house that she
> hasn't experienced.  I just want her life to be interesting.
> Well, my hubby was doing things around the house while I took a nap
> laying by the dogs on the living room floor.  All 23 parrots here
> were out of their cages and most everyone else was also napping, the
> house was actually quiet (rare occasion here <smile>).  Well, I had
> my eyes closed but I wasn't asleep and all of a sudden I feel
> something rubbing themselves on my fingers - it was Gizzy bird.  I
> didn't even hear her leave her cage.  She has only been with me a
> week, but our bond was nearly instant from the moment I first saw her
> at the store.  For a little bird who really loves her cage, she sure
> left it to come see if maybe I was OK laying there on the floor (I
> guess??).  She climbed up onto my chest and stayed with me for 5
> minutes or so (long enough to put a little poopy on me) and when she
> was convinced I was fine and just resting (I guess??), she looked
> back towards her cage which was about 10 feet away and jumped off of
> me, trying to fly with her trimmed flight feathers, and ended up
> gliding 1/2 way back to her cage.  My hubby helped her back up to her
> cage where she promptly crawled back inside, preened herself, played
> a little with her straw and proceeded to nap a bit herself.  What a
> sweet baby.  I guess I have quite an imagination to suppose she was
> checking on me, but who knows?  Maybe she was.  None of my other
> birds cared to see if I was OK.  LOL!  I love my little Gizzy bird!!

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