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Date:Thursday July 1, 2004 7:14:00 am MDT
Subject:Re: Hugo.. my new nanday
Message:Yes, that is probably true that the guy lied to you.  Another age clue can be the color of the eyes as in many parrot species they have dark eyes when young and those eyes lighten up to where you can see the pupil more easily.  But if this bird really likes you and is a sweet bird, you haven't lost anything.  Love your new bird regardless.  These birds can live many years, so even if the bird is 10 yrs old he can still have a good 20-30 years left in him.  

Myself, I prefer to adopt an older bird, especially in those species which can live longer.  Heck, even a cockatiel can live to be into its 30s (I have one of those that is 25 yrs).  Those older birds need good loving homes too.  A baby has a much easier time finding a new home, it seems. So I think it is wonderful that you adopted an older bird, even if it was unknowingly.  The Nanday I adopted last Friday (not even a week in my home yet) is between 2 and 3, I was told.  Since I acquired her a day before my birthday, I will always celebrate our birth/hatch days together.  <smile>  It doesn't really matter anyway.

It is sad, but the majority of birds do not live their entire life with their first owner (not including the breeder).  They are very intelligent and emotional beings and it can be painful and scary to be moved out of a home that was their whole life before.  Even if it wasn't the best of conditions the birds can still mourn for old friends (human, bird or otherwise).  Being prey birds (birds that are basically there to be food for predators) they are naturally hesitant and afraid of new things.

So I'm sure that with all your love and a good nutritious diet, fun things to play with and do (while you are away from home or otherwise) that your Nanday will quickly relax and fall right into being part of your family.

Love that birdie!

Margaret Madison

yogureta wrote:
> Ive been sold this lil creature by a breader who convinced me that the
> bird is only a few months old.. just seperated from its parrents.
> However, now that i've read here that nandays up to 1 yr old have
> dark feet, and Hugo has pink ones with only few dark spots (no ring
> to tell the date of hatching by) Im begining to think the guy lied to
> me. What do you guys think ?

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