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Date:Wednesday June 30, 2004 9:36:46 am MDT
Subject:Re: New Nanday
Message:Congrats, Margaret on your new nanday, Gidget. They are so much fun and have incredible personalities. My only advice to you would be to enjoy the whole nanday experience. They love to shower all the time, love to eat, especially pellets (my nanday Guapo's favorite brand is Harrison's) and they love to chew wood. They are the termites of the conure world, lol! And despite the popular belief, I enjoy the loud sounds of a healthy nanday. I've heard worse noises, lol. Good luck!


> I just adopted a 2.5 yr old nanday named Gidget.  I think I'll be
> calling her a variety of things including Midget and Widget.
> Something will stick, I'm sure.  <smile>  She is the 23rd parrot in
> this home and is the 4th conure (although the first nanday).
> When we met, it was an immediate friendship. She(He?) rubbed her head
> really hard on my finger when I stuck my finger in to scritch her.  I
> guess I wasn't scritching hard enough.  Haha!  She hurked for me
> immediately and seemed to try and imitate me calling her "my
> sweetheart".  She gives me "kisses" and likes carrots and pellets!
> Thank goodness.  I feed my flock a variety of 7 different types of
> pellets and she picked the Kaytee Rainbow Exact first to begin
> eating.  I'm so glad I won't need to work on converting her.  She
> also rubs her head and cheek on my chin, my cheek, etc...  She is
> friendly to the rest of the family, but occassionally "defends" me
> against other humans or birds.
> Does anyone have any tips or "nanday-specific" info for this
> nanday-newbie?

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