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Date:Wednesday June 30, 2004 6:50:16 am MDT
Subject:Re: our new Nandy
Message:Your bird is "old enough" to have his first shower once his feathers have come in and he is looking like a "bird" (as you say).  <smile>  Feathers help keep a bird warm and when the baby isn't fully feathered you don't want him catching a chill.  Chilled chicks have trouble digesting and can die.  But you don't need to worry about that now.  Of course, you can keep him warm and away from a breeze (you know how you might feel cold when wet and sitting by an open window).  Just because outdoor birds do it all the time, it doesn't mean that our indoor pets can - they aren't conditioned the same, there are too many differences.  So yes, do keep "babying" your conure.  My 3 yr old sun conure loves being a baby and will give me wing flips and little baby coos often.  If I ask him if he is my baby, he'll scream.  Then I'll ask him if he wants some baby food and he goes berserk.  I'll fix him up some warm thick formula in a metal cup and he'll happily devour it.  I don't use the syringe and he eats adult bird food just fine (7 different types of pellets, fresh food daily, etc...) and the baby food is nutritious, so there is no harm done.  Whammy will always be my baby.

Yes, birds can catch colds, viruses and infections, but most likely he is just sneezing because of something in the house.  Birds have very sensitive respiratory systems and many birds in smoker's homes will have chronic respiratory infections for the rest of their life.  Dust can make your pet sneeze, so can dander from other pets, kitty litter box dust, etc...  Don't use Teflon cookware (fumes can be toxic to your bird), no scented candles or air fresheners (plug-in or aerosol), don't handle the bird with perfume or scented lotion on your hands/fingers, oh the list can go on and on I suppose.

I think you folks are well on your way to being outstanding parrot keepers.  Keep up the good work and keep learning.  I wish your family and Conner the very best of everything!

Randy wrote:
> Our Nanday, Conner is about eight weeks old maybe.
> He just now has all his feathers and looks like a bird.
> I would think he is half way through the weening process(we like
> babying him) and he likes the bird formula still lol.
> When I come home from work and its time to take a shower I put him
> ontop of the bath room door and he's been hanging out there.
> Well the past couple days he's been flying into the shower so I put
> him on the window sill and let him do his thing.
> My question is.
> do you think he's to young to shower yet ?
> and also do birds catch colds ? because he seems to sneeze every now
> and then.
> Or is this some other body function I don't know about?
> He came to us by way of a farel flock that lives in our area.
> I had to take him from the nest and adopt him into our family.
> he/she, where'nt in a safe place and as I said in my first post my
> wife has always wanted a parrot.
> He seems to be a hardy bird in very good health
> After cruising this board a few days I see we have the right bird for
> us.
> I'm beginning to think this is some sort of fate.
> We like it when he squawks , he's developing a personality and he's a
> real lover lol. tonight he even shared some of his apple with me.
> This guy is fast stealing my heart.
> and thats coming from a once avid duck hunter.
> Conner is even making friends with our chocolate lab. especially once
> conner spotted his rabies tag lol .
> thanks in advance and sorry I rambled.
> Randy

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