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Date:Tuesday June 29, 2004 6:28:16 pm MDT
Subject:our new Nandy
Message:Our Nanday, Conner is about eight weeks old maybe.
He just now has all his feathers and looks like a bird.
I would think he is half way through the weening process(we like babying him) and he likes the bird formula still lol.

When I come home from work and its time to take a shower I put him ontop of the bath room door and he's been hanging out there.

Well the past couple days he's been flying into the shower so I put him on the window sill and let him do his thing.

My question is.
do you think he's to young to shower yet ?

and also do birds catch colds ? because he seems to sneeze every now and then.
Or is this some other body function I don't know about?

He came to us by way of a farel flock that lives in our area.
I had to take him from the nest and adopt him into our family.
he/she, where'nt in a safe place and as I said in my first post my wife has always wanted a parrot.

He seems to be a hardy bird in very good health

After cruising this board a few days I see we have the right bird for us.
I'm beginning to think this is some sort of fate.
We like it when he squawks , he's developing a personality and he's a real lover lol. tonight he even shared some of his apple with me.

This guy is fast stealing my heart.
and thats coming from a once avid duck hunter.

Conner is even making friends with our chocolate lab. especially once conner spotted his rabies tag lol .

thanks in advance and sorry I rambled.


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