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Date:Monday June 28, 2004 10:12:35 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Wild Nanday adventure
Message:Thanks for your photos and your wonderful commentary to the birds.  What a wonderful excursion that must be for your flock.


Lynda wrote:
> Great pics Anna. Thank you for sharing! Boy I can never get pics of
> the wild nandays here. They are very people shy.  
> I live in Florida. Last count there were over a thousand wild nandays
> between St. Pete and Sarasota. Which is about fifty miles.   I can
> hear them coming a mile before I see a flock LOL
> Lynda
> Anna and Boo wrote:
> > Photos can be seen here:
> >
> > Monday morning, me 'n family drove up to Solstice canyon for a quick
> > hike. I took three of the conures with me, Pepper, Trooper, and
> > Bailey. Pepper is new here, but the other two brats are very
> > experienced travellers, good role models, and she gets along with
> > them. This is the first time I got to take Pepper on a car trip, but
> > she did well. (Up until now, she's only been out for a couple of
> > walks on my shoulder, on the quiet streets behind my house)
> >
> > It was a beautiful clear and warm day, blue sky stretching down to
> > the blue ocean, with a few light fluffy clouds. All three birds sat
> > on their window perch and watched the world.
> >
> > As soon as we got to the main parking lot, I heard some very familiar
> > jungle calls... There were wild nandays all over the place! Just
> > incredible! First, a group of three flew out over the cars and looped
> > back into the nearest sycamore tree. Mom, Dad, and yearling baby.
> > They were quite interested in my guys, screamed a lot, and the baby
> > came down pretty close to investigate. He peeked, hung upside down
> > off the branches, and finally worked up his courage to fly over to me
> > although he wasn't quite brave enough to land. His parents screeched
> > raucous alarm calls for a while, but settled down when they realized
> > that my guys were completely relaxed and unharmed by such close
> > contact with me. My dad got some good shots of the action, including
> > the baby hovering a few feet away from me. It's worth seeing the wild
> > ones. It's amazing how their eye rings are tanned nearly black, since
> > they're in the sun all day. They can REALLY tan.
> >
> > Later, and a bit further down the main hiking path, I saw a nanday
> > pair, trying to pick out a nesting hole. They flew overhead for a
> > closer look, but seemed to be too preoccupied with their quest to
> > socialize. One, I assume the male, would fly over to a likely-looking
> > cavity, check it over, chew for a bit, and call out to the female.
> > She would fly over, stick her head inside, and entirely reject the
> > potential nest. Some holes must have been particularly bad, because
> > she didn't even look inside, disdainfully flying past them. She must
> > have been one picky real-estate shopper...
> >
> > A few yards away from the pair, I encountered the main flock. There
> > were about 15 birds, including several babies. Last year's kids, I
> > think. They screamed, my nandays screamed, and every once in a while
> > Bailey would cut in with a non-nanday call, making everyone fall
> > silent for a few seconds. Eventually, the entire flock ended up in
> > the nearest tree, doing looping fly-by's, some coming very close. One
> > baby perched a few feet away, bobbed for a while, then settled down
> > for a thorough preening. One almost landed on my head, even though
> > it's parents just about had a fit in the treetop when they saw where
> > he was headed. Unfortunately my dad was somewhere else with his pro.
> > camera, so no pictures of the entire group. I plan to come back soon,
> > though!
> >
> > All three of my guys were very good bait birds, especially Pepper.
> > She got quite vocal once she got used to the flying conures. In the
> > pic with me and the three, Bailey (nansun) is on my shoulder, Pepper
> > and Trooper are on the wall, eating my apricot. Pepper is facing the
> > camera and Trooper is showing off his red leggings. Trooper is the
> > one with the outer primaries sticking out.
> >
> > In the pic with the baby hovering, Trooper is on the wall in front of
> > Pepper, and Bailey is hiding somewhere behind my neck (can't see
> > him).
> >
> > The wild baby is hanging sideways, flying off a shrub, hovering in
> > front of me, and sitting pretty. He has dark feet and a notched
> > tailfeather, if you look carefully. Mom (or dad) is in the first
> > upper left pic. I have a bunch of other pics, including one with both
> > parents together, but these are the best ones.

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