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Date:Monday June 28, 2004 9:57:15 pm MDT
Subject:Re: a new family member
Message:Welcome Randy and Conner (and wife)!  LOL!

Conures are a huge love of mine and my husband's.  Although conures only amount to 4 of my 23 pet parrots, they are definitely the favorites here.  I hold complete conversations with some of my conures.  I have parrots as young as a couple of years old to one cockatiel that is 25yrs old.  The rest are all aged in between.  Personally, I'm also very new to Nandays but much of having parrots is similar across the board.  I'm always looking for Nanday-specific information because even though I've only had my bird for 2 days, I find he is definitely different from the other 22 parrots here.

Good luck with your little Conner baby.

Oh, if I may, I'd suggest that you spend time showing him how to play with toys.  Let him get accoustomed to spending time entertaining himself.  Try to spend good quality time with him and make his life interesting.  

Most conures enjoy a bath daily, if not every other day at the least.  You can either provide him with a dish to bathe in, you can use a plant mister and spray it above his head so it falls onto him like rain, you can play in the sink together letting the water spray bounce off of other things in the sink to get your conure wet and use a plate to help catch water for extra splashing enjoyment or you can take your bird in the shower with you and let the water hit him after it bounces off of you.  Don't use soap on your bird though and be careful about water hitting his face.  Water in the ears or in the nares can cause infections and problems.

Have fun spending time with your baby and building that ever-so-special relationship.  I believe your conure can live for another 40 years.  Are you prepared for such a lifetime commitment?  I hope your bird isn't eating a seed only diet too as that can not only cut down on his lifespan, but also the quality of life on such a diet of malnourishment.

Good luck and best wishes.


randy wrote:
> Hi all
> My wife and I are the proud parents of a new baby nanday conure
> (conner).
> she's always wanted a parrot and last week we where blessed once
> again with a new baby.(thank god I dont have to put this one through
> college).
> anyways you have a new pair of board lurkers about with lots of
> newbie bird owners questions comin your way.
>  Randy
> Hollywood fl.

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