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Date:Monday June 28, 2004 9:43:11 pm MDT
Subject:Re: possible new nanday owner
Message:First of all, let me express my sympathy at your losing your special Aunt Maggie.  She was lucky to have someone interested enough in adopting her pet bird, especially since your Uncle doesn't seem to have the "love" there in his heart for your Aunt's beloved pet Scotty.

From all I've read and researched about Nandays, they adapt easily.  They can be quite shrill and loud and I'm sure that is where your Uncle is coming from when he implies he won't miss this bird.  I love my birds, my loud conures included and they can't be much louder than your average human children.

Sounds like Scotty isn't too used to seeing dogs around, and if so, at least not your little Shih-Tzu.  If your home has abounding love and understanding for a highly intelligent feathered creature, then your home would be the "good home" promised to your aunt.  Nandays are special pets and I'm sure he shared that special connection with your Aunt Maggie (good name, by the way <smile>, as I am also a "Margaret" although most call me "Margi" - Marg-E)

Most certainly, if you can adopt the parakeets, Scotty may very well like the company of his usual flock there with you.  Birds make wonderful pets and even different species can bond in their own ways.  That might make the transition and the stress of a new place and new co-habitating pets easier on your Aunt's special Nanday.

Hope this helps.

Janice wrote:
> Hi! My Aunt Maggie recently died leaving behind her beloved Nanday,
> Scotty. My Uncle has him now but has made it very clear that he wants
> him to leave. They also have two parakeets whose cages are next to
> Scotty. Maggie was the second mommy to Scotty ( for the last 7
> years). He originally was bought in Florida for my nephew when he was
> young boy.
> My question is, do you think Scotty would be ok if I took him to yet
> another home? I also have a Shih-Tzu that Scotty screams at everytime
> he sees him. Would I have to take the parakeets for company as well?
> I have absolutely zero experience with indoor birds. I promised my
> Aunt that I would make sure Scotty had a good home, and I think that
> means our home. Thanks!!!

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