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Date:Monday June 28, 2004 9:35:12 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Zupreem vs Exact
Message:I find that many of my birds prefer colors that would most closely resemble foods naturally sought out in the wild.  The tans, yellows, greens, browns, etc....  Usually the last ones to go would be the red ones, at least with the cockatiels.  Some of their preference probably does have to do with color.

The other thing to consider is the dyes and the amount of sugars and salts, etc...  Zupreem, I think, uses more sugar thatn Kaytee Rainbow Exact or Natural Exact.  The Rainbow uses dyes which some worry about causing liver or kidney damage.  No bird should be on a strictly 100% pelleted only diet, partly for that reason with the dyes causing problems.  My flock are fed a variety of 7 different types of pellets (5 are "natural", no dyes, and two are the colorful variety), they get a variety of about a dozen different fresh food choices daily and they also get a small amount of seed to pick though before bedtime.  The pellets mine get are Harrison's, Lafeber's, Zieglers, Zupreen Natural, Kaytee Natural, Kaytee Rainbow Exact, Pretty Bird Daily Select, Roudybush and have on occassion been served and have eaten Avizon.  (Gee, I hope I'm not overlooking any of them)  Everyone usually has a choice of 4 different types of pellets in their cages at any given time.

To know whether your bird is eating the pellets or just breaking them up with their beak is to watch their poops.  Most pellets result in a brown(ish) tubular poop.  Seeds result in green tubular poop.  Most pellets should be changed daily as vitamins degrade over time and so does other nutritional benefits.  Your bird won't eat much and try to only put down what you want him to consume.  Your avian vet can help you determine how much weight in food your bird should be consuming during any given day, on average.  My goal is 50% pellets, 30% fresh foods (greens, grains, veggies & fruits) and 20% seeds, nuts, treats, etc...

Besides the fact that the change in diet may upset your dog's stomach, my dogs love my parrots leftovers...pellets, carrots, broccoli, apples, mangoes or otherwise.  LOL!  

Hope this helps!

Margaret (email -

Proud new "mama" of Gizzy the Nanday Conure (3yrs old - had him for 2 days).
16 cockatiels, 1 green cheek conure, 1 maroon belly conure hybrid, 1 sun conure, 2 white capped pionus, 1 barraband, 3 Italian Greyhounds, 3 aquariums and 1 hamster.  <smile>

Skyfeather wrote:
> I was just wondering what people thought of exact or other pelleted
> brands of bird food? I have been using Zupreem but I noticed my
> nanday wouldn't eat any of the orange pellets and some of the purple
> and sometimes red. He seemed to only like the green pellets. (whats
> the difference besides color?lol) So I thought if I didn't give him a
> color choice he would just eat all of it so I tried the exact and
> that didn't work out. Not a single pellet made it in his mouth- it
> made it across the room, on the floor on the shelves etc (psst it is
> spelled exact right? lol)So I refilled his bowl with the remaining
> Zupreem which I have now ran out of, I wont get in any at work till
> tuesday. My guy gets other things such as fruits and veggies and
> treats etc to keep him happy but I wanted to get him on a good
> pelleted food that he would actually eat more then half of. My
> vacuumed works over time sucking up his mess. Plus it cant be good
> for my dogs to be eating what he throws them lol.

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