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Date:Monday June 28, 2004 6:48:34 am MDT
Subject:Zupreem vs Exact
Message:I was just wondering what people thought of exact or other pelleted brands of bird food? I have been using Zupreem but I noticed my nanday wouldn't eat any of the orange pellets and some of the purple and sometimes red. He seemed to only like the green pellets. (whats the difference besides color?lol) So I thought if I didn't give him a color choice he would just eat all of it so I tried the exact and that didn't work out. Not a single pellet made it in his mouth- it made it across the room, on the floor on the shelves etc (psst it is spelled exact right? lol)So I refilled his bowl with the remaining Zupreem which I have now ran out of, I wont get in any at work till tuesday. My guy gets other things such as fruits and veggies and treats etc to keep him happy but I wanted to get him on a good pelleted food that he would actually eat more then half of. My vacuumed works over time sucking up his mess. Plus it cant be good for my dogs to be eating what he throws them lol.

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