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Date:Saturday June 26, 2004 12:12:24 pm MDT
Subject:Re: pellets
Message:Don't mix the two choices because the bird is always going to pick out what is familiar.  It is like putting a plate of veggies and snack foods out in front of your kid.  Chances are he's going to pick out the snack foods and not the healthy stuff, especially if he's never seen the healthy stuff before.  

You need to remove the seed cups and cover the bird for the night.  First thing in the morning get a plate of the desired healthy food (fresh or pellet) and go to the table with this strange new healthy food.  Take your bird and let him watch you enjoy this new food, especially if you're fixing healthy people foods.  Once you get him accepting that, if you use the same method, it will be much easier to get him to accept the pellets.  The fresh foods are more natural for your bird to eat, so he's likely to take to the fresh foods before pellets, plus you're more likely to show him how to eat fresh greens, cooked brown rice, whole wheat pasta, peas, carrots, etc....than you are most likley to show him how delicious you this these pellets are (am I right?).  Hand fed baby birds need their "human flock" to teach them what is healthy and what is dangerous, etc...

Of course, if your Nanday doesn't begin eating your new plate of healthful things within a couple of hours (in the summer, fresh foods can begin growing bacteria that is harmful to your parrot past this timeframe), then by all means give him back his regular food.  Just keep doing this every morning, in a loving attentive way and since eating is a social event with many birds, especially with their "mate/chosen one" or "favorite human", your bird is likely going to be curious enough to take a taste of "your" food.  If you nibble on this food, your bird may want to nibble on it too.  The key is to be more persistent than your bird is resistent.  He is likely to sit there and watch you for the first few mornings.  That is OK.  Be prepared for two weeks, every morning - a couple of hours.  You don't have to sit there the whole time.  Just put it in  his range on work mornings and when ever you pass by, speak to your bird and take a nibble.  Your baby will get the idea.

I have 7 different types of pellets I feed my flock as the main part of their diet.  Only two types have the dyes, the rest are "natural".  Some people worry about possible liver disease with feeding just the dyed colorful pellets.  They get fresh food each morning and about an hour before bedtime, they get a tiny bit of seeds.  I like giving them a variety.

Let me know how this works for you.  If you are determined to stop your bird from suffering further malnutrition, then I know you will be successful at converting your bird.  Just be loving and persistent.  It just takes time, be patient.

(I have 23 pet parrots and 4 are conures)

Elisabeth wrote:
> I am trying to switch my Nanday to pellets from seeds. So far he won't
> eat them. He searches through the food dish flinging the pellets out
> looking for sunflower seeds. Does anyone have any suggestions how how
> to make the transition? Should I just leave it in there for a few
> days? Any help would be appreciated. BTW, he is four years old. I
> have had him since he was 4 weeks old. I hand fed him. Thanks!

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