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Date:Saturday June 26, 2004 11:05:37 am MDT
Subject:Re: how old are they
Message:sabra shoemaker wrote:
> I recently was given 2 nanday conures. They are wonderful birds and I
> love them so much already. The people I received them from had no
> idea how old they were. Is there anyway that I can figure this out. I
> know you have to have dna tests for the sex but what about the age?

Unless your birds have leg bands, it is impossible to determine their age. Usually, a leg band will give clues to the aviary it was bred from, the year it was hatched and what # bird it was hatched from that particular aviary. If their eyes are no longer big dark eyes, and they have lightened to the normal nanday color of a lighter brown (compared to a younger nanday) then all you can say is that the bird is mature, older than one year old. If you give me the codes from your bird's leg bands (if they have them) I'll try to help you

Old birds (15 yrs and older, and depending on nutrition) tend to have duller feathers, may sleep more than a youngster and may be a little crabbier (due to arthritis or whatever).

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