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Date:Friday June 25, 2004 5:10:03 pm MDT
Subject:Re: my new best friend Tango
Message:C, doesn't "Guapo" mean "handsome"?  That is a cute name.

C. wrote:
> Judy,
> That is so nice to hear! Nandays are very special birds. Our nanday
> Guapo is just the cutest little boy. We love him dearly.
> If you feed & care for Tango properly he will share many years of joy
> with you! Much luck and happiness to you and Tango.
> Best,
> C.
> Judy wrote:
> > Just wondering why nobody ever told me how wonderful Nandays are!!!!!
> > I had been wanting a Sun conure for my birthday, but we weren't
> > having any luck finding one. So last Sunday we decided to hit every
> > place in town looking for one. First pet store we entered, there was
> > this funny little Nandy. Price was wayyyyyyyyyy more than we could
> > afford. $699.99 for the bird and the cage. But this bird jumped up on
> > my shoulder and started whispering sweet nothings. He kept whispering
> > "give me a kiss!!!!" While I was losing my heart, the owner of the
> > store came and changed the sign on the cage to $299.99. So I started
> > asking questions. This bird is 5-6 yrs old, very tame, prefers women
> > to men. His previous owner couldn't keep him, so had turned him back
> > to the pet store. Needless to say, he became mine. And they let me
> > have his cage, California cage with play top, toys, dishes, and nice
> > nice natural perches for $50. What a deal. He barely tolerates my
> > husband, but I love that, since every other pet we have prefers him
> > to me. This little fellow warms my heart!!!! And he wolf whistles at
> > me and says "you're soooooooo pretty". Every woman should have a bird
> > like my little Tango.

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