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Date:Friday June 25, 2004 5:01:11 pm MDT
Subject:Re: First Parrot... Some help please!!
Message:Beaker wrote:
> Hello everyone. I recently just got a nanday conure. I work at a
> petstore and a man brought in his 7 year old conure that he could no
> longer care for. He is very sweet but he has some behavioral issues
> that i want to address right away. The first one is that he really
> likes me. He lives in my room and i spend most of the time with him
> and he bites the rest of my family when i am around, and wants only
> to be with me. I want him to accept them so that if i ever go away
> for a couple days that they can care for him but they are all
> starting to dislike him very quickly as he bites them like crazy. I
> am not saying that he has to love them equally but he has to at least
> let them hold him and allow me to hand him to them without drawing
> blood. How do you dicipline biting to teach him that biting is wrong.
> Another problem I have is that he is very possessive. When he is
> eating or playing with a toy, if you try to pick him up he gets very
> upset and once again bites. A final thing is he doesn't seem to play
> with toys. He is scared of everything. If I try to give him something
> to play with he immediately runs or flies away. He is just a big
> cuddler and would rather ride up on my shoulder nestled in my hair.
> Is it ok that he is on my shoulder? Most of the time he is good at
> getting off when I want him to. I know that this is a lot of
> questions but I want to get this all right at the beginning so I have
> a well behaved parrot at the end.  
> Thanks
> Beaker

Many times what happens when a new bird begins showing favoritism towards one member of the family is that the rest of the family stop interacting with the bird.  That just drives that wedge further in the bird's relationship with others.  If the rest of the family want a relationship with the bird, they will need to interact with and spend time with the bird.  The bird, however, may not want the same level of a relationship with them (for whatever reason) as he has with you, his favorite human.

Keep the flight feathers trimmed which should help him cooperate with the humans when it comes to taking him from place to place.  You can try having someone else bring the bird to you instead of you going to get the bird.  That way the bird will get the idea that if he wants to see you he will have to cooperate with the other humans in the house.  You can also have the other family members be the only ones that give your bird his favorite treats.  Then he should begin associating the other family members with pleasurable experiences.  If you have an upstairs in your home and that bird has never really visited upstairs, your family members might want to take him on a little excursion and show him the view out the upstairs windows (or whatever).  Often working with a bird in "strange" or "new" surroundings makes the bird more cooperative.  In a strange place, he will seek comfort and safety from who he is familiar with - the other family members.

Does any of this make sense to you?  I hope this helps.  It will take effort and cooperation from everyone (including you) to help your bird get over this and begin associating fun things to eat, see and do with the other members of your family.  Good luck!

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