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Date:Thursday June 24, 2004 10:14:55 pm MDT
Message:Hi everyone. My Nanday (Jazz) has some strange behavior and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar.

It has started happening more frequently in the last few weeks. He seems to pick a person (either myself or my hubby) that he is taken with for the night - he puffs himself up and is all lovey with that person - sways a bit and his pupils even dilate a bit when he is in this trance like state. If you disturb him or do anything he doesn't like he is quite aggressive. Also - if say he is like that with me and my hubby tries to get him to step up he lashes out and bites really hard (and vice versa). It seems he then only wants to be with that person. Do any of your birds ever do this? and do you have any idea why or what it means. One evening he was like this with a stranger - to the extent that he would climb down the lounge chair and walk across to the seat where this person was sitting and climb up. He does not usually allow strangers to even touch him.

Jazz is adorable otherwise but he is a spoilt brat( throws tantrums and all if he does not get his way). I too have the problem where he just wants to be with one of us all the time - he is not happy to be on a play gym or stand but wants to either be cuddled up in my hand (makes doing anything else quite hard) or wants to be on your shoulder - but then occasionally attacks my neck. This is Ok for now but I worry about when I have a baby one day as he will have to become a bit more independent. By the way he is about 20 months old now.  

Thanks for any input you have


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