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Name:Ivy Little
Date:Wednesday June 23, 2004 11:26:01 am MDT
Subject:Nanday behavior issues? please help!
Message:Hello all,
  It has been quite a while since I have posted a message, but I need some help. My Nanday Chloe has got some issues that I need some help with. So if any of you have any ideas for me I would really appreciate it.
  Chloe doesn't seem to play, at all really. I am really concerned about this, because I want her to be happy. She just generally seems nervous about most things. During the day she just seems to cling to the front of her cage right next to the door, waiting for me to come pick her up. If I do pick her up she is plenty happy to ride on my shoulder for as long as possible. If I try to put her down on a play gym or Manzanita tree, she will stay in the same place I put her with out moving. If I leave the room while she is on the gym or tree, she will scream for me and some times jump off to come look for me. She will not play on the gym or tree, no matter how long she is left on there. In her cage she has plenty of toys, all different kinds. But even if I introduce them slowly she seem to be afraid of them for a long time. When she dose play with her toys it is weird, she will either get mad at them and bit them very angerly or she will cuddle and preen them. When she cuddles and preens them she will talk to them (this is the only time she talks really). But it is not very often that she dose these things, and she never keeps it up for very long.
  I have been trying to get her to eat more fresh fruits and veggies, but most of the time no matter what it is she won't eat more than a bite or two. She dose eat her zupreem and the seed mix I give her, without any problems.
  I am just concerned because she never seem like she is very happy unless I am holding her and petting her. Which is ok, but I would like her to feel more comfortable in her environment. So she doesn't have to be so dependant on me all of the time.
  I have had Chloe for almost a year now, and at first I thought that this behavior was just because everything was new to her. But It hasn't improved very much at all. So if anyone has any ideas on how to improve on her situation, please let me know.
&Merlyn-maxi Pio

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