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Name:Anna and Boo
Date:Sunday June 20, 2004 10:25:57 pm MDT
Subject:Re: these guys are great
Message:Hi Marlena, welcome to the group! What other kind of birds do you breed? I'm guessing little guys, tiels or canaries or such? The big guys, Cockatoos, Amazons, or large Macaws, are far worse than little conures... :) Nandays are very good parents, and as you're finding out, very protective of their eggs and babies. That's good. They can defend their young from most critters that would try to eat them. Mine will hunt down and kill any other small critter near their nest, once I found a ripped up mouse carcass stuck part-way through the aviary bars. Are yours tame (are, were, used to be), or scared wild birds? The ones that are not scared of people are much more likely to bite you when defending the nest. The wild scared ones bail out of the nest and scream a lot, and are much more likely to damage or abandon the eggs if they're panicked enough...

I have a breeding pair on eggs right now. The dad is great, he's a wildcaught so he has a fundamental respect for humans, but he is not scared. The mom, also a wildcaught, is very nervous and skittish. I am more afraid of her panicking and killing the clutch, than any attacking or biting. I would normally leave the eggs for a month and listen for baby sounds, but this time I just couldn't resist. I checked the eggs by luring both parents out of their aviary (they are indoors), and locking them out while I dropped the cover over the front and climbed inside to look in nestboxes. Two eggs, both fertile and developing, and one infertile one. After I was done, I moved their food back in the aviary and waited until the conures went in. It didn't take long, and mom went right back in the nest, no stress.

With my tame conures that don't panic, I can move them off the eggs with a divider, and reach right in with one of those long candlers to check them. No problem. They puff up and hiss, but as soon as I'm out they go right back on the eggs.

It helps if the nestbox opens in the front or back, at the level of the eggs. I don't like reaching down at the birds, it scares them more. And a candler with a long probe is a must, it lets you check the eggs without ever putting your hands within reach of the parents' beaks.

marlena wrote:
> i just got my pair of nans from a bird fair in march.
> but i am having problems breeding them....i made a big size breeding
> box and everything else is there too.....
> how do you check eggs without getting killed...LOL!
> they are my first pair of nandays, but i am no stranger to breeding
> birds..i done that for 10+ yrs now....just would like some support on
> the how-to's.
> can someone email me about them....all advice is welcome?
> thanks,
> marlena

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