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Name:Anna and Boo
Date:Friday May 21, 2004 8:24:04 pm MDT
Subject:Nandays and tiels (prayers needed)
Message:This is a rather horrible coincidence, coming so soon after all those posts about Nandays and Tiels getting along.

My friend's tiel has been badly injured by his nanday. If she survives, she's crippled for life. Her lower jaw is broken, and she will never again be able to open a seed or crunch up her favorite cereal bits. There is no chance of having the bone heal together, the pieces are completely crushed and disjointed, and she's such a tiny little thing. If you've ever seen a photo of that awful cockatoo beak-splitting surgery, well, that's how this poor girl is right now. Except she got the bite to the side of her lower beak, so there's a short bit of jaw left on the right side and a longer piece on the left with most of the beak in front. She's on antibiotics, and handfeeding, and a heated cage, and we are praying that she learns to eat enough soft food on her own before she drops a critical amount of weight. She fights and stresses so badly that we're not going to tube-feed her unless it's absolutely necessary.

Here's a bit of background: This is the same guy who's recently lost Pepper, so it's hit him doubly hard. This Nanday is one of the babies I raised, and possibly he might be coming back to live with me. Don't know for sure, as the guy really does love Baby, and with Pepper gone I think he'd rather try and work things out. It's just hard, when one of the critters you love hurts another. Can't be angry with him, but still... Baby, the nanday, is 5 years old, and has been living with the tiels since he was three months old. There are 3 tiels in the house - mom, dad, and their girl baby - and he's never hurt any of them until now. The tiels try to nest every spring, the Nanday acts intensely curious about what they're doing, but normally he just follows them around and gets yelled at by the male tiel. No one is quite sure what happened to cause him to attack the mom-tiel...

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