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Date:Saturday March 1, 2003 5:02:36 pm MST
Message:Hi John, no that isn't our Bandit, but I am glad you posted that site lol! I have been looking for it because I too remember seeing that site before I got my Bandit. I did however find my Bandit on the internet, and got in touch with the woman, we remained in conact (both internet and phone) since last summer before I finally got him. We had to plan out a long trip for him to get here, but it worked out finally lol. But I remember reading Bandits Bra on that website and it cracking me up a lot. :)

   Indica & Flock

John wrote:
> Indica wrote:
> > ... I will write you about how I have gotten Bandit and paco to trust me
> Just curious.... I've seen a Nanday named Bandit on the Web. Is the
> Bandit in the above URL your Bandit?

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