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Date:Monday March 1, 2004 9:11:05 am MST
Subject:Re: biting solution: by clipping wings???
Message:I would say your nanday needs to come down a peg or two and clipping is the way to go. BUT after being flighted for fourteen years this will be hard on your nanday. I would recommend you have some one experienced give your nanday a light wing clip. Too much of a clip and he will try to fly and drop like a stone, which could cause injury.

I had to clip Zorro last year because he was hurt so badly and could not see well. Since Zorro had been flighted many years the vet told us not to clip him too much to prevent him from falling. It was hard on him but eventually his wings grew back and he was able to fly again.   

If you see an end to the behavioral problems with clipping you can eventually let his wings grow back in and see if he has learned if he returns to the old behavior clip him again.

Ladyjackbird wrote:
> I am still having problems with my Nanday, Jack biting and drawing
> blood. He is now flying at both my husband's and my hands/arms and
> biting them HARD to draw blood. There seems to be no cause at times.
> He'll bite when he's under the blanket sleeping, he'll fly and bite
> when we open mini blinds, when I was at sink doing dishes and even in
> my hand cuddling. This is unusual for him.  In the 14 yrs we've had
> him, he has never been this bad.  We react in the way described in
> the messages by many of you.  1) no reaction 2) shoo him off hand
> (since he is not clipped)3) yell at him and isolate him in his room
> (our room) 4) get towel and wrap him up and put him in cage (he is
> free, never in a cage so to him this is a bad thing because he hates
> to go in his cage.) 5) when he is out on our hands constantly
> reminding him NO BITE. 6) Also constantly telling him Good Boy, and
> praising him.
> We have been having this problem now for over 3 months (so I don't
> think it is a response to the new Grey we got last month although at
> first he seemed fine with her since we did not change attention off
> him to her.  But now we are even more afraid that if he's flying to
> attack us, will he fly and hurt the new bird) and have drastically
> changed the routine.  The last few nights is has not been allowed to
> sleep with us or cuddle under a blanket with us. (He sleeps in our
> room) We have taken the bed ruffle off the bed so he can no longer go
> under the bed in darkest. The next drastic thing we are thinking of
> is CLIPPING HIS WINGS.  However, we have NEVER clipped his wings in
> the last 14 years.  I'm a little nervous about clipping his wings.
> Will it make him more aggressive?  And he has always been able to fly
> to wherever he wanted, to get food, water, perch, us etc.  Now he
> won't be able to and we will have control to get him to perch for
> food/water etc.  Is this a good idea??  Any input would be
> appreciated!!!

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