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Date:Monday March 1, 2004 8:50:02 am MST
Subject:clicker training
Message:I was on vacations and I went to a petsmart, where this young man had two conures which I fell in love with. We started talking and I noticed that he had a clicker, and everytime he clicked it, gave his conure a treat and he could make them do so  many tricks. It was really cool.  He showed me the book and the clicker, and explained how it works. I bought the kit and started last night.  You can buy the kit or other information in , you can find the book in the store, go into clicker books, then bird training.  I was really surprised and amazed at all the things that I can accomplish with my ozzie.  I started last night the first phase of the training. I'm starting formally today, and I can already see the results. This program works for all kinds of birds and I highly recommend it.

morgan wrote:
> Any suggestions on how to stop the bird from screeching so loudly?
> My bird has plenty of toys, room, attention, food, water, etc. but
> the screaming in unbearable at times and becoming a huge problem.

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