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Date:Thursday February 26, 2004 7:15:56 am MST
Subject:Re: loud
Message:Wow Mike, what a great house and great rescue. My hubby and I dream of opening a conure rescue someday.  I loved the attached aviary!

I loved Beaker's story. I have a friend who had the exact same thing happen to her bluecrown conure. It took the bluecrown a year to walk. They think he fell in his cage during the night. I have a nanday who is my miracle bird. He received two open skull fractures (at the same time) and yet he is here to tell you about it and almost fully recovered. Tomorrow will have been a year since he was hurt


mike wrote:
> Nandays can't help being loud... conures in general can't help it, in
> fact. i operate a parrot rescue and sanctuary, and nandays are one of
> my most frequent clients, because of this. a conure will screech
> loudly at least twice a day, more often if alarmed or needing
> attention. this is normal for the bird. you can visit my rescue site
> at .

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