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Date:Tuesday February 24, 2004 8:16:32 pm MST
Subject:Re: loud
Message:Here at a pet store expect to pay 150 max. Bird fairs much cheaper counting on how many babies were born. My sun conure my husband bought for under a hundred. The breeder had too many and knew we did not breed so he offered a five month old sun who was hand shy to my hubby. Of course he took it and she quickly got over her hand shyness. Looking at airline prices it might be cheaper to fly to Florida and buy a conure LOL

Skyfeather wrote:
> Selling for $60 bucks!!! That is cheap- the only nandays Ive seen here
> in NY are selling for $400 at the lowest. I checked into it since I
> was thinking about getting another Nanday for my guy to have a friend
> since my other birds hate him. If they were selling at $60 here I can
> picture very many going to bad homes. The sad thing is not many
> stores/sellers care anymore they just want money so they dont warn
> the prospective owners of frequent nanday problems.
> I got Nanners from a drug bust. The owner was arrested and sent to
> prison and I got the animals that he had owned. This happens quite
> often. I end up getting a court order to obtain the animals during
> situations then depending the outcome of the animals prior owner I
> usually end up keeping the animals. I had only one incident where the
> previous owner managed to get out of prison two years earlier than he
> was sentenced for and he tried to take back his dog. Thankfully the
> judge was on my side and I got to keep Chuckles. The "owner" had been
> sent off for 5 for physical abuse to his wife, children and animals
> so there was no way I was letting him take old chuckles back.
> I wish there was a way where anyone who hadnt done at least a months
> worth of research on any species of animal they wish to obtain were
> unable to get the animal. I heard of a pet store who wouldnt sell to
> people unless they came for a week of visits with the animal and took
> care of it at the store etc (not all their animals but for the ones
> like birds etc). By the end of the week they usually knew the animals
> attitude and needs and wants etc. If someone spent a week with a
> screaming Nanday then they would know whether or not it was the bird
> for them...
> Lynda wrote:
> > I am sorry Morgan,
> > I don't mean to criticize you. This is just a wide spread problem.
> > The blame is the breeders and stores that sell the nandays and never
> > warn people that they are considered loud and frequent screamers. I
> > just get frustrated sometimes seeing so many Nanday need new home
> > posts. They are really splendid birds if you can get around the
> > noise. I know this might irk some breeders here but I think Nandays
> > need to stop being bred and touted as  "inexpensive parrot". Because
> > they are so cheap and breed easy alot of people breed them here in
> > Florida and sell them at bird shows for as low as sixty bucks. Never
> > once mentioning about nanday screams.
> >
> > Lynda
> >
> > Lynda wrote:
> > > You know it does not have to be whistling. Try different things like
> > > clucking, whispering, singing or humming. Just find something he can
> > > respond to and imitate.
> > >
> > > Breaks my heart to see these posts regarding nandays with screaming
> > > problems and needing to be rehomed. So many nandays out there needing
> > > homes. Shoot here in Florida alot of people just let them go to be
> > > hawk food or starve. Sometimes they find a flock or land on a caring
> > > human, most die though.
> > > Lynda
> > >
> > >
> > > morgan wrote:
> > > > thanks all,
> > > > I appreciate the advice. And, unfortunately, I like my boyfriend so
> > > > he has to stay. maybe a little more time and effort and I can get my
> > > > stubborn little bird to whistle instead of screech. I am just trying
> > > > to avoid what might be inevitable.

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