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Date:Tuesday February 24, 2004 9:53:00 am MST
Subject:Re: loud
Message:Hi Morgan,

I forget who offered up this little bit of advice but it works for me.  This morning my Jacques was going NUTS!  Screaming more in 10 minutes than she had all week!  Today I woke up with a headache, so maybe my tolerance is way down, but I walked over to her cage and with a MAJOR disgusted look on my face, I said "DO...........YOU................MIND!" and spun around and walked away and she just sat there looking at me like "Jesus Mom, what crawled up your !!!!".  She did stop though:)

Carrie and the Crew

morgan wrote:
> Any suggestions on how to stop the bird from screeching so loudly?
> My bird has plenty of toys, room, attention, food, water, etc. but
> the screaming in unbearable at times and becoming a huge problem.

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