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Date:Tuesday February 24, 2004 7:22:19 am MST
Subject:Re: Ooooh, wow...-Nanday bath Time
Message:My poor kitty has yet to show his self. I think he is traumatized for life lol. He didnt even come running when I flushed the toilet (one of the loves of his life- the sound of the water swirling around, the bad part is he will jump into the toilet and splash around, he's worse then a man he gets the toilet seat all wet lol) I just let Nanners out of his cage and he is preening hiself at this moment. But when I first let him out he would not stop screaming and flying around the room. I think he is still saying- I remember dangit and I wont let you forget! LOL

The dog- Dallas still sits out in front of this bedroom door just waiting for his chance to get the bird. Ive noticed he wants this bird- Nanners more than my other ones which are down stairs. I dont have any bushes or shrubs to use. We did have a pretty non toxic bush but when the horses got out one day they ate that to a stub and I tried to grow it back but it died. The only thing that we have that may count as a shrub is too prickly and its more of a ground cover. We planted it over parts of the garden to keep bunnies and deer out of there and it works very well, but you have to wear some strong leather gloves when you want to pick something out.

Im going to run into town today and pick up some food for the turtle. Nanners gets very upset when I dont take him with me but this cold weather is not good for him. I will probably have to buy him a new toy(s) to get him to like me again lol. He holds a grudge for a long time and sometimes it takes a few days before he decides to let us touch him again. What a bratt :-)


Anna and Boo wrote:
> Scary! Poor bird, cat, dog, and you too... But oh man, I laughed so
> hard at the description of you trying to pry the bird off the cat's
> head - so very glad it ended well and everyone is safe. If you ever
> take Nanners outdoors in the summer (wings clipped of course), try
> putting him on a wet shrub when it's hot. This is the bathing method
> of choice for my entire flock, even Logan the water-hating rescue
> loves to bathe in the wet leaves.
> Probably ought to mention it's a SAFE, NON-TOXIC shrub, for anyone
> else who reads this. Conures like to chew things when they get wet.
> I sorta think the wet nanday color is a dark brown. Never thought of
> it looking like blood, but now that you mention it, it IS rather
> similar. I remember reading somewhere that this color is due to light
> reflection/scatter off the feather surface structure? Like when you
> photograph a nanday with a strong flash, the feathers seem to glow a
> bright, uniform shade of yellow-green in the picture. It makes sense
> that water changes the way the light is reflected off the feather.
> In theory, a dark feather absorbs more light/heat, and should dry
> faster in the sun. I'll have to pay attention and see if this works,
> next time my cockatiels get a shower.
> I wonder what they see when they look at one another. Their vision
> ranges further in ultraviolet spectrum than ours.

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