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Name:Becky Gold
Date:Sunday February 15, 2004 10:37:59 am MST
Subject:New Bird Owner Help!!!
Message:Hello everyone... I got my first bird yesterday and it is a Nanday Conure. If you are a frequent poster on the board you will probably be answering the most silly questions I can think of before I figure this bird thing out ;) lol Anyways I guess my first question is what should I do about the bird biting me... Sometimes he appears to be being playful but when I want to get him off my shoulder to put him on top of his perch or in his cage he ~Squawks~ LOUDLY!!! and bites me repeatedly and it actually hurts... I don't grab him I make him "Step up" onto my fingers but sometimes it take 20 mins to get him to do it... Any suggestions would be wonderful... My bird is 11 months old maybe it is just immaturity dunno... Also I bought a book about the bird and it said that I needed a box for the bird.... The cage didn't come with one and I have never heard of that before.... Do they really need a box???

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