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Date:Saturday February 14, 2004 11:27:40 am MST
Subject:Re: LOL, Skyfeather
Message:hmm I could charge people. hehehe- now theres a way for me to pay for pet food lol. Anna how about the hamster tightrope walking and bunny ballerinas and the world famous betta fish flying act. hehe I've wanted to move so bad for years but one thing that stops me is, how the heck would I transport all my babies?! lol. I would need 2 large moving vans for furniture and other crap- then about 12 horse trailers and then some stock trailers for cattle lol. Then a temperature controlled moving van with windows (lol) to move dogs, cats, birds, iguanas, hamsters, rabbits, 1 fish, a turtle (we don't have the turtle yet, it arrives in three days for my son- he wore me down begging for one)

and then who knows what else we have running around here that we cant bear to leave behind (strays lol I guess I should count them as my own pets since some do come inside)we got rid of the chickens and roosters awhile ago- boy are they a pain lol. But they did eat some horrible lil bugs- ticks etc- our dogs never got ticks since the chickens would clean the yard of them- but they laid too many eggs. the sheep went back to there original owner (smelly buggers those ones are! and so hard to care for during lambing season- too many are bred to birth twins that was way tooooo many babies)

My "zoo" had slimmed down a lot in the past two years. I think we have "lost" (given away sold) about 7 different species- and those were large groups of each species. 12 goats, started with 100 and sold off near 300 sheep, 4 llamas, 9 chickens, 500 beefers, 6 pigs- eck lol. And now were adding a turtle to our parade. And possibly a new puppy this summer. I think I need to be sent to an insane asylum (sp)

Anna and Boo wrote:
> > Whenever I do leave for days
> > at a time I want to bring all my animals but thats impossible.
> > lol could you imagine seeing a truck filled with 8 dogs, 5 birds, 7
> > cats, 3 iguanas, 2 rabbits, 2 hamsters, 1 fish, 1 turtle, and some
> > horses in the trailer behind it? LOL- I will leave the cows at
> > home...
> I can just see you, traveling with a caravan of cages/trailers, like
> an old-fashioned circus. You could call it the Skyfeather Animal
> Menagerie, and charge admission... Petting zoo, horsey rides, parrot
> show, hug-an-iguana photo... You've got it! LOL LOL

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