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Date:Saturday February 14, 2004 10:03:55 am MST
Subject:Re: Eye Trouble
Message:Hi Heidi and Oscar,
 I've heard that lack of sleep can cause their white eye rings to turn pinkish. I'm not sure if this is your cause but it's all I have. I'm sorry I couldn't have been more help.

Heidi and Oscar wrote:
> Hi Everyone I have had my sweet oscar for a year now I saved her from
> a home where she was mistreated and malnourished and allowed to be
> left alone with cats I have had cockatiels my whole life but a nanday
> is a whole new experience but she is doing well and things have been
> great I did notice one thing in the last few days the white parts
> around her eyes are a little pink she is acting totally normal other
> than the fact that she wants to rub her eyes on our fingers my vet
> normally doesn't handle too many nandays only one other so does not
> know if it is common and seeing as bloodwork is 400-500 dollars I was
> hoping to see if anyone here maybe has had this or would know if it
> is normal before we take her to the vet.  If anyone has any ideas
> please feel free to email me and let me know or reply thanks so much
> Heidi
> and
> Oscar

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