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Name:Heidi and Oscar
Date:Friday February 13, 2004 2:10:20 pm MST
Subject:Eye Trouble
Message:Hi Everyone I have had my sweet oscar for a year now I saved her from a home where she was mistreated and malnourished and allowed to be left alone with cats I have had cockatiels my whole life but a nanday is a whole new experience but she is doing well and things have been great I did notice one thing in the last few days the white parts around her eyes are a little pink she is acting totally normal other than the fact that she wants to rub her eyes on our fingers my vet normally doesn't handle too many nandays only one other so does not know if it is common and seeing as bloodwork is 400-500 dollars I was hoping to see if anyone here maybe has had this or would know if it is normal before we take her to the vet.  If anyone has any ideas please feel free to email me and let me know or reply thanks so much

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