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Date:Wednesday February 11, 2004 9:17:26 pm MST
Subject:Re: Shameless thievery, busted!
Message:ROFL Leave it to the conures. They may be small but they have big parrot brains :)  Just too funny.


Anna and Boo wrote:
> I was checking (my macaw) Salsa's almond jar the other day, and
> wondering why there were so many shells. I mean, when I bought them
> there were some crushed ones, but I couldn't have missed noticing all
> the empty shells, right? And then I realized that the jar is ALWAYS
> open. Not just when I forget to close it... Every time I look, the
> lid is off.
> OK. So the conures are out on their playtree, in the same room. I
> check their food cups. Pellets are untouched, but, Aha! their water
> is full of almond shell bits. So that's where the almonds are
> going...but how? Now I'm curious.
> I set them up. Put an angled mirror in the room, left the door open a
> crack so I can see the action, and pretend to leave. Jar with nuts,
> lid closed, sitting on a nightstand next to the table. The conures,
> playing quietly on their tree.
> And then it happens. Bailey, Trooper, Boo, and Senna jump-flap 2'
> onto my table, while the rest of the Green Meanies freeze and watch
> intently. The four members of the robber gang then hike the 6' length
> of my table, and hop down onto the stand, next to the jar of nuts.
> Bailey (the technically minded safecracker) hangs off the jar label,
> grabs the lid edge, gives it a hard sideways yank, and throws the lid
> off. All four proceed to climb in the jar and help themselves to the
> almonds. Boo and Senna hike back to the tree, and promptly get their
> almonds confiscated by the higher-ranking Ruby and Jade. Bailey sits
> on the edge of the jar and proceeds to work open his almond. Trooper
> does the same, but after a few aborted attempts, drops his nut back
> in the jar and makes Bailey share his. Bailey complains, and gets
> himself another nut. Senna and Boo arrive at the jar again, and this
> time do the intelligent thing, working their almonds open on the
> spot. Ruby and Jade on the playtree are periodically dipping their
> almonds in the water dish - apparently they've learned to wet and
> soften the shells up, so that they are easier to open. Smart, smart
> Ruby.
> After watching this process repeated a couple of times (wish I had a
> camera!), I can't hold it anymore and burst out laughing. The
> thieving foursome look shocked and run back to the tree, but not
> without grabbing their last almonds. Of course, when I walk in the
> room everyone is quietly sitting on the playtree, pretending that
> nothing is wrong. The clever little sneaks!
> So now, the almond jar resides in another room. The conures get their
> almonds, one apiece, when I hand them out. No more thievery, and no
> more mysterious almond shells in the jar!

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