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Date:Wednesday February 11, 2004 6:41:55 pm MST
Subject:Re: Shameless thievery, busted!
Message:I think that you should sell your story to Hollywood!

(No name) wrote:
> Opening jars appears to be uniquely Bailey's talent. That boy likes to
> take things apart - he's pulled out the pinstem from my watch, taken
> out computer keys, unpluged computer cables... All without damaging
> anything.
> I think they make a good team:
> Ruby, the big crime boss, with Jade, his woman.
> Boo, the assasin (of books and other chewable objects)
> Senna, the happy groupee chick and resident, um, loose woman (hehe)
> Trooper, the agreeable flunkey
> Bailey, the safe-cracker, computer expert, and bug squisher (has an
> insect fetish)
> Logan and Paul, the entertainers, bodyguards, multi-talented (though
> slightly insane) gang members
> :)
> C. wrote:
> > That is hysterical! What a funny story! Hey if they can open jars,
> > imagine what else they could do. I think that they should use their
> > talents towards other in the movie Paulie. LOL.
> > Best,
> > C.

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