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Date:Wednesday February 11, 2004 5:57:58 pm MST
Subject:Re: Shameless thievery, busted!
Message:Opening jars appears to be uniquely Bailey's talent. That boy likes to take things apart - he's pulled out the pinstem from my watch, taken out computer keys, unpluged computer cables... All without damaging anything.

I think they make a good team:

Ruby, the big crime boss, with Jade, his woman.
Boo, the assasin (of books and other chewable objects)
Senna, the happy groupee chick and resident, um, loose woman (hehe)
Trooper, the agreeable flunkey
Bailey, the safe-cracker, computer expert, and bug squisher (has an insect fetish)
Logan and Paul, the entertainers, bodyguards, multi-talented (though slightly insane) gang members


C. wrote:
> That is hysterical! What a funny story! Hey if they can open jars,
> imagine what else they could do. I think that they should use their
> talents towards other in the movie Paulie. LOL.
> Best,
> C.

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