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Date:Wednesday February 11, 2004 8:54:26 am MST
Subject:Re: Vacation??????
Message:I think everyone just about covered it. And a big thanks to Lynda for mentioning the vet note. A friend of mine was out of town and her cousin was watching the animals. One of the horses was attacked by a pack of wilddogs and the vet would do nothing because it wasnt her horse and the owner couldnt be contacted. She called me and together managed to get the horse down and stable. A lot of blood and that damn cold hearted vet just left and left a bill for being called out in the night! My hubby got there about a half hour later with a vet that he had dragged out of bed and thrown in his truck. The horse survived but if we hadnt gotten the other vet he could have died.

I know how hectic it is leaving your animals when you go ona  trip. So far I havent really been gone long from my nanday. I was gone for about 2 nights and when i came home he gave me the cold shoulder and alot of bites that drew blood. But a day or so later he went back to his normal bratty self lol. Im going to be gone for a bout a week in march. Have to trailer home some horses from new mexico. I hope my nanday acts loveable when i come home. Whenever I do leave for days at a time I want to bring all my animals but thats impossiable.
lol could you imagine seeing a truck filled with 8 dogs, 5 birds, 7 cats, 3 iguanas, 2 rabbits, 2 hamsters, 1 fish, 1 turtle, and some horses in the trailer behind it? LOL- I will leave the cows at home...

C. wrote:
> Becky, you are just being a good mom. Worrying means that you care. I
> would probably be the same way (if not worse..LOL!).
> Looks like everyone's advice was dead-on correct. I like Lynda's
> ideas about having their favorite toys and cd's create the
> atmosphere of normalcy. The vet idea was good too. Relax a bit.
> Everything will be fine.
> Best,
> C.
> Becky wrote:
> > Good evening!!!!!!!!
> >   I just wanted to thank everyone for helping me out...some of the
> > anxiety has been lifted.  Fortunately we have a few months to try and
> > teach him how to change her paper, food, and water.  I will probably
> > have a list a mile long for him by the time we leave.  He is already
> > familiar with her feeding schedule and her menu.  I usually only keep
> > veggies and fruits in the house that she eats so no mix ups can
> > happen with that.  Lynda thank you for the hint about the note to the
> > vet.  I wouldn't have thought of it.  It seems that Sammy is a one of
> > a kind around here.  Not too many naked nandays runnin around these
> > parts.  I know that the 5 days will be harder on me than on Sam.
> > Thanks again for all ur help.  If anyone can think of any other info
> > please feel free, anything to calm my nerves (this is the first time
> > leaving her)  It is amazing how these beautiful babies steal your
> > heart.
> >   Becky and Sammy
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Lynda wrote:
> > > Hi Becky,
> > > It has been a while since I posted also.
> > > If your dad does the basics don't feel bad if he can't take the bird
> > > out. It won't hurt her to be caged for five days it will just piss
> > > her off real bad.
> > >
> > > Last Christmas my grandmother was sick and her last wish was to see
> > > me and my family. So off to Reno, Nevada we go for seven days. With
> > > the flock we have it would have been impossible to have almost
> > > strangers to the birds taking them out. Keep in mind my flock is
> > > flighted so even harder for a stranger to handle.  I had a pet sitter
> > > come by each morning, give fruits, veggies, fresh food , clean
> > > newspaper, change water, turn on the lights and just talk to each
> > > bird. I left key phrases (what they like to hear) and songs to sing,
> > > CD's to put on. At night my uncle would come over , take out the
> > > veggies, give fresh pellets and clean any water that had food in it,
> > > turn off the CD's and the lights. I can't say that I did not stress
> > > out and call either my uncle or the pet sitter every day. I was sure
> > > Zorro was pining away. But when we came home every bird was just
> > > fine. No one had withered from lack of getting out. Zorro gave me a
> > > good bite right on my eyelid then all was forgiven and he was my
> > > sweetheart again.
> > >
> > > Make sure you leave a notarized document giving permission for your
> > > vet to treat your birds. Be specific. Think of it as leaving a child
> > > with a relative. A vet might refuse to treat your bird if something
> > > big goes wrong and they can't contact you.
> > >
> > > Try not to worry too much.
> > >
> > > Lynda

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