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Date:Wednesday February 11, 2004 7:31:16 am MST
Subject:Re: Vacation??????
Message:Becky, you are just being a good mom. Worrying means that you care. I would probably be the same way (if not worse..LOL!).
Looks like everyone's advice was dead-on correct. I like Lynda's ideas about having their favorite toys and cd's create the atmosphere of normalcy. The vet idea was good too. Relax a bit. Everything will be fine.

Becky wrote:
> Good evening!!!!!!!!
>   I just wanted to thank everyone for helping me out...some of the
> anxiety has been lifted.  Fortunately we have a few months to try and
> teach him how to change her paper, food, and water.  I will probably
> have a list a mile long for him by the time we leave.  He is already
> familiar with her feeding schedule and her menu.  I usually only keep
> veggies and fruits in the house that she eats so no mix ups can
> happen with that.  Lynda thank you for the hint about the note to the
> vet.  I wouldn't have thought of it.  It seems that Sammy is a one of
> a kind around here.  Not too many naked nandays runnin around these
> parts.  I know that the 5 days will be harder on me than on Sam.
> Thanks again for all ur help.  If anyone can think of any other info
> please feel free, anything to calm my nerves (this is the first time
> leaving her)  It is amazing how these beautiful babies steal your
> heart.
>   Becky and Sammy
> Lynda wrote:
> > Hi Becky,
> > It has been a while since I posted also.
> > If your dad does the basics don't feel bad if he can't take the bird
> > out. It won't hurt her to be caged for five days it will just piss
> > her off real bad.
> >
> > Last Christmas my grandmother was sick and her last wish was to see
> > me and my family. So off to Reno, Nevada we go for seven days.  With
> > the flock we have it would have been impossible to have almost
> > strangers to the birds taking them out. Keep in mind my flock is
> > flighted so even harder for a stranger to handle.  I had a pet sitter
> > come by each morning, give fruits, veggies, fresh food , clean
> > newspaper, change water, turn on the lights and just talk to each
> > bird. I left key phrases (what they like to hear) and songs to sing,
> > CD's to put on. At night my uncle would come over , take out the
> > veggies, give fresh pellets and clean any water that had food in it,
> > turn off the CD's and the lights. I can't say that I did not stress
> > out and call either my uncle or the pet sitter every day. I was sure
> > Zorro was pining away. But when we came home every bird was just
> > fine. No one had withered from lack of getting out. Zorro gave me a
> > good bite right on my eyelid then all was forgiven and he was my
> > sweetheart again.
> >
> > Make sure you leave a notarized document giving permission for your
> > vet to treat your birds. Be specific. Think of it as leaving a child
> > with a relative. A vet might refuse to treat your bird if something
> > big goes wrong and they can't contact you.
> >
> > Try not to worry too much.
> >
> > Lynda

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